Choosing To Move Into The City Of Stockton

Is Stockton a Safe Place to Live?

Are you one of the many families out there planning to move in Stockton for good? Well, everyone knows that Stockton has a cheap apartment and housing rate in California. However, one of the many questions that comes to mind is that “is Stockton a safe to live? Prior to getting to know the real answer to this question, it is important to know more about this northern California city first.

Stockton City was known as the county seat of SJC or San Joaquin City in Central Valley in California. This place was discovered by Captain Charles Maria Weber in 1849 after he obtained Rancho Campo de los Franceses. Stockton is the first Californian community to not have a name of Native American or Spanish Origin. It was named in honor of Robert F. Stockton. The city is situated on the San Joaquin River and has a population of more or less 315, 592 in the year 2016. This is considered the 13th biggest city in CA as well as the 63rd biggest city in America.

This amazing and beautiful city is likely to draw starter households, over 70% of Stockton houses are family households. The average age population is 33.5. Almost a part of the city’s area inhabitants was from other countries, the culture of this city is wistful of the melting pot of those who live, work as well as play within and around the place. This is a place to many top restaurants and shops, while 2 blocks of the street of Washington in downtown include Stockton’s Chinatown.

Good Things About Stockton

  • There are many things about Stockton a lot of residents and guests love such as:

  • Convenient to San Francisco, Sacramento, Bay Area, Interstate 5 and Tahoe

  • It has a good climate in fall, spring, and winter

  • Very reasonable housing in California standards

  • Two tertiary schools in town Delta community and UOP that offer resources for students as well as non-students

  • Amazing shopping stores and restaurants, lots of strip malls as well as two real malls

  • There is diversity among the residents

  • Top Dental Clinics

So the main Question Still Being is Stockton a Safe Place to Raise Your Family?

Is Stockton a safe place to raise your family? Well, like most cities in the US, there are good areas to live in Stockton & then there are areas you may want to avoid living. The safest place to live in Stockton near country club area, march lane, of the Pacific Avenue, & off of perishing as well. These are the best and safest place to live.  Some parts downtown and off California Street are a safe place as well. However, keep in mind that crime is unexpected regardless of where you live. Police officers are always monitoring the area to ensure the safety of everyone.

There are plenty of great things about this city. The majority sections of Stockton are extremely decent places to move your family and many people choose to live there. If you choose to transfer into this city, stay in the west or north parts of the city. Some nice neighborhoods take account of Brookside, Grouse Run/Grand Canal as well as the UOP campus area. Good luck in no matter what place you choose!