Living In Stockton CA

Why Someone Would Want to Live in Stockton CA

Stockton CA is a home to over 300,000 inhabitants, California, has a varied society and access to the whole thing from Sikh temple to the Japanese grocery shops. Stockton’s fairly low cost of living opposed to other metro area in California draws lots of new residents; however it is not rare to see a very familiar face down to popular restaurant as well as retail region, the Miracle Mile.

Even if the financial crises caused this site for file for bankruptcy as well as ignited a rise an increase in unemployment and crime. However, despite of these issues, still a lot of people choose to live in this city, this is perhaps due to these amazing reasons:


One good reason why people choose to live in Stockton is due to inexpensive apartment rate. Compared to 220 sq ft micro apartment for rent in San Francisco which is available for $1,200 to $1,500 per month, that amount in Stockton you can already rent a newly remodelled 3-bedroom house with hardwood flooring, granite countertops as well as HVAC.

The average lease in San Francisco for a studio apartment is $2,126, a raise of 22% since year 2008, this is according to the report conducted by RealFacts. This company monitors apartment rental information in various cities in United States. Meanwhile in Stockton, you can lease a home which has a 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and bigger than micro unit for as low as $2,300 only.

Stockton Has Many Great Yet Inexpensive Restaurants

San Francisco is indeed the restaurant capital, but you would be astounded and amazed by the unique dining experience you could have in this place for a very reasonable price. You may consider visiting Siamese Street. This is a Thai business whose operators spent 500,000 dollars importing the decor from Thailand. Also don’t forget to drop by at Tandoori Nites. This is a humble strip mall Indian joint which impressed Bay Area reviewers on popular review site. Total amount of money to spend eating any of the restaurants mentioned above, including drinks and wine is only $50. For this amount, you can taste some of the best foods in the world.

Cheap Shopping

Want to buy the latest trends of clothes without spending a lot? Then Stockton is a place of some of the cheapest garment stores in California. One of the amazing stores to visit is the P-2000- here you can find a wide selection of fashionable clothes for a very reasonable price. Also they offer other odds and ends such as makeup, accessories and anything in between for a low price. This is one good reason why people choose to live in Stockton.

Amazing Weather

Even if summer temperature could reach higher, winter is mild with highs in the fifties and sixties. This place experiences the most excellent weather during fall and springs, when the temperature hovers between 70s and 80s- Stockton provides opportunities to experience its sunny, warm weather. Delta water runs in Stockton, which make it the best place for water sports and boating. Ski resorts and white beaches are also available for vacationers.

Safe Place

Stockton is indeed a safer place to live and to raise a family. As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the top cities in California with low crime rate.Read up more on Stockton here.